My Artwork

Blue Oak Mosaic
Jan 2021
66cm x 66cm x 7cm including solid oak frame and steel plates

A feast of colour; each magnetised solid oak cube (4cm3) is hand painted and domed to give perfect finish to each and every 196 cubes. Each is signed and co-numbered so the original transition or random design can be re-established. This interactive piece of resin art enables the owner to shift cubes and add additional splash of colour.

Tribute to the RAF
Sep 2020
40cm x 40cm within self-pouring frame

White, red and blue with copper cells. A contemporary RAF symbol based upon traditional colours set within mica enriched resin and copper alcohol ink

L’Etacq beach at low tide, pair of pictures
Sep 2020
58cm X 68cm in recycled frames

A pair of complimentary paintings reflecting the beauty of the sea shore, pink-orange granite outcrops of rock among the bright blues of seawater at low tide.

Sand and Seaweed at High Tide at L’Etacq
Sep 2020
Three panels each 61cm x 40cm

Finalist in prestigious CCA Internal Gallery Summer Exhibition 2021

3D perspective of rockpools during high tide capturing the shimmer within the sand and seaweed

Bevelled edgework to allow the observer to see into the artwork

Aug 2020
62cm x 54cm within a self-pouring frame

A reflection of nature, the danger of a virus and the success of a vaccine. The biochemistry of science and nature reflected in reds and blues, neurones, cells, antibodies and antigens at play.

Blue Union
Jul 2020
46cm x 31 cm

Illuminated glass marbles set within a resin lightbox to form a contemporary Union Jack. In total 588 marbles were used, set against a LED screen with three light settings. Each colour marble catches the eye as you move passed the artwork, catching the refracted light of each marble.

Beautiful Rock Pool
Jul 2020
78cm X 57.5cm set within a solid oak frame

A combination of acrylic paint, mica pigments and silicon oil. Vibrant greens, blues and yellows reflecting the crystal clear rock pools of L'Etacq, Jersey. Created within a self-pouring frame.

Jul 2020
Oak framed 82cm X 22cm

Finalist in JJ Fox International Summer Art Exhibition 2021

Flowers in bloom created through a multitude of mica pigments in resin and silicon oil, creating depth and a sense of well-being

Jun 2020
82cm X 42cm set within a self-pouring frame

A dazzling combination of acrylic paints and mica pigments within resin creating a panoramic view of colour and depth that transports you to the beautiful continent of Africa.

Stormy Seas
Jun 2020
82cm X 42cm within self-pouring frame

Colliding waves at night reflect both the danger and beauty within and between the crashing waves. The power and force of nature is unmistakable.

Cosmic Sea Fire
Jun 2020
82cm X 42cm within self-pouring frame

Delicate shades of black and grey capture a central band of bright and beautiful gold and purples, like a cosmic fire on black water

Metalic Waves
May 2020
82cm X 42 cm in self-pouring frame. Here within an additional oak and mahogany frame.

Vibrant blues from several mica pigments contrasted with copper alcohol inks and silicon oil, retaining to touch the 3D cellular structure of waves